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Mare Sole Maiolica Handbag
Mare Sole Maiolica Handbag


Mare Sole Maiolica Handbag

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Mare Sole Maiolica handcrafted woven handbag; a vibrant ode to the Mediterranean.

A stunning tribute to the colours of the Mediterranean sea and sun. Adorned with delicate ombré pompoms and an intricately embroidered majolica hoop in shades of blue and yellow, this bag captures the essence of coastal bliss. Carry a piece of the Mediterranean with you, as you embrace the vibrant hues that reflect the beauty of the sea and the warmth of the sun.


  • handwoven straw handbag
  • embellishments: handmade mini size ombré coloured pompoms with hand-embroidered embroidered mini hoops by Montreal's artisan & designer Rita Embroidery
  • lining: breathable fabric
  • button closure
  • strap included for 2-way wear style


  • handbag: 9'' x 9''  
  • length with strap (base of bag to top of strap): 29''