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For all additional inquiries please contact us at info@okeanoula.com


To maintain the quality of your collections, please keep them in their original packaging or dust bags, when they are not by your side. 


Your OKÉANOULA handbag is handmade using straw and natural lightweight materials. When not by your side, please store in its original dust bag and stuffing to maintain its shape. If it dirties, mix soap & water and gently clean it with a cloth. Lay down flat on a towel to dry. 


Your OKÉANOULA hat is handmade and hand embroidered using lightweight materials and cotton thread. When not protecting you from the sun's rays or by your side please store it in its original packaging. If it dirties, mix soap & water and gently clean it with a cloth. Lay down flat on a towel to dry. 


Your OKÉANOULA jewelry is handmade using hand picked materials. When you're not styling your favourite pieces store them in the original packaging provided. Keep away from your daily care routines; bath & skin routines. 

Does OKÉANOULA offer worldwide shipping? How is shipping calculated? Will I pay duties or taxes? What currency are transactions processed with?

We ship worldwide. Shipping fees are added at checkout and are calculated through the local post office (Canada Post and USPS for Canada and USA) based on the weight and size of your package. The customer takes full responsibility for any taxes or duties not forseen by our team. Please note we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the event that this may occur since all packages require tracking.

Please note that all orders are processed in Canadian dollars (CAD). 

Can I return my purchase?

Only in the event that your order arrives damaged, however that does not include damages caused by the mailing post. Please contact us at info@okeanoula.com to arrange this. You must send us proof; image of the condition it arrived in and when you received your package. You will receive a refund and can repurchase after.

Does OKÉANOULA offer gift wrapping? 

Yes! We love to style up any order and offer gift wrapping. You can confirm this at checkout.

What happens with the info I provide? 

All customers' personal information is kept safe and not sold, traded or transferred. All information that our customers provide are only used to improve the customer's experience on our site.